2017 KIM HYUN JOONG concert in Seoul (Tentative title)


Here we brought you surprise news that we decided to hold [2017 KIM HYUN JOONG CONCERT].
You can sign up “2017 KIM HYUN JOONG CONCERT IN SEOUL” from 25th Sep, 6pm.
Here we are waiting for your participation.


■ Itinerary
A Course: 01st Dec 2017 (Fri) ~ 3rd Dec 2017 (Sun): 3D2N
B Course: 01st Dec 2017 (Fri) ~ 4th Dec 2017 (Mon): 4D3N


■ Event Period
02nd December 2017 (Sat): Concert of Kim Hyun Joong


■ Tour Point
Participate in Kim Hyun Joong Concert (2nd December)


[Sign up Period]
25th September 2017 (Mon), 6PM ~ 20th November 2017, 6PM


[Contact Point]
Selling Agent: Golden rama


Selling Agent: Malaysian harmony Tour & Travel


Selling Agent: CTC


Selling Agent: International Joruneys


Selling Agent: TBA
The agent to sell this program in China is still in discussion.
在中国代理出售的公司 我们还在讨论当中。
* Please contact to each selling agent for any inquires of tour after 25th Sep.
* This concert program is official one that certified from KEYEAST.
* Please DO NOT SELL this program besides here we informed. It is exclusive selling only for those agent.