(End) 2017 Recruit for Kim Hyun Joong official fan club, Henecia


Greetings from the KEYEAST.


We are recruiting 2017’ Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan club, Henecia.


If you are a member of Kim Hyun Joong’s official web homepage (, domestic or international,
You can submit the application form of Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan club, Henecia.


Those who want to join the official fan club are asked to check below contents and we are asking your much concern and participation.


Thank you.



<Procedure and method to join official fan club, Henecia>

1. Fanclub registration period (Payment deadline): Jun. 13, 2017(Tue) ~ Jul. 31 (Mon) 11:59PM
    Application period: Jun. 13, 2017(Tue) ~ Aug. 6 (Sun) 11:59PM
    Regular member approval period: Jun. 19, 2017(Mon) ~ Aug. 11 (fri) 11:59PM
   ※ Considering oversea wire transfer, subscription period and period to check deposit are different, please understand it.
2. Requirements: Member of Kim Hyun Joong’s official homepage (
    (※ Subscribers under age of 14 need consent of legal representative on providing.)
3. Recruiting method
     A. Check notification of 2017 membership recruitment for the official fan club at the official homepage(
     B. Transfer the registration fee for Kim Hyun joong’s official fan club 2017 Henecia to the given bank account. 
        (Please transfer the fee under the same name as the name for membership.)
     C. After the transfer, please submit the application form to the given link, and keep your transfer receipt.
     D.  Apply member grade on Jul 1, 2017.
    ※   We do not receive individual inquiry related to deposit.
4.     Subscription fee


    ※  The membership fee has been set higher for people who receive goods overseas due to international shipping charges.
    ※   Please check your region and country from the link below.
   << Check your region and country for International shipping >>





<2017 Henecia Member Service>
I. Active period: Jul 1, 2017(Sat) ~ 
   ※  Membership period of 2017 HENECIA is basically 1 year from the designated starting date, but can be changed.
II. Official fan club <2017 HENECIA> membership card issue.
III. Provide 2017 HENECIA Special goods (one time).
IV. Happy birthday card(Monthly delivery)
V. Preferential participation in Kim Hyun Joong’s official schedules(upon agreement with organizer).
VI. Advanced reservation of Kim Hyun Joong’s concerts and charged fan meeting in Korea(upon agreement with production agency and ticket agency).
VII. Chance to participate in purchasing agency of Hyunjoong Kim’s album released outside Korea

     (If negotiated with the distributor, after the album released on June 6, 2017 in Japan)
VIII. Give regular member grade of official homepage.
IX. An exclusive bulletin board and additional service will be provided at the official website.
     ※ Membership card will not be reissued unless it is damaged. In case of damage, it can be reissued only when the damage is confirmed.


● Guide for oversea subscribers
I. Subscriber’s name and depositor should be identical.
II. Please deposit amount corresponding to each nation.
III. Money transmission commission is charged when proceeding oversea deposit and transmission commission

    and interim commission are charged personally, please understand it.
IV. Subscription fee is bank remittance in principle due to concern on financial incident occurrence.
V. Shipping period is applied differently according to local shipping system and situation and so shipping period can be delayed.


● Guide for subscribers under age of 14
I. <<Download parent’s consent>>  Material to confirm legal representative(parents) and subscriber’s relation.
II. Please scan your copy of family relation certificate or health insurance card and send it to with your parents’ consent.  
III. Subscribers under age of 14 need consent of legal representative on providing and using personal information according to

    ‘the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information’ and ‘privacy protection guideline’.


● Notes related to subscription
I. Official fan club<HENECIA> proceeds limited to the members of Kim Hyun Joong’s official homepage (
II. Fan club application should be done by the applicant’s name and when applying with other person’s name, fan club benefits are not given.
III. After deposit of fan club subscription fee, please keep deposit receipt by printing or capture

    (membership can be checked with deposit receipt before fan club membership card is issued).
IV. Fan club subscription fee cannot be refunded after deposit. So please consider it before applying.
V. When fan club list is organized after the membership subscription period and before that time, fan club subscription and deposit related to

    matters are not guided individually and only in case not confirming deposit and subscription after the subscription period, it is informed individually.
VI. Please follow stated deposit period and the deposit beyond the stated period is cancelled or refunded and not included in the membership.
VII. When shipping, even though the person is not present at the delivery site, other person (family, relative, friend, co-worker, etc) should be able to receive.
VIII. Status of regular membership will be applied in order after confirming application form and fee, and you can use the membership from July.
IX. Inquiry related to recruiting official fan club contacts


● Notices related to fan club membership card and official goods delivery
I. Fan club membership card, official goods, and fan club member benefits are special offers only for members, not able to transfer or sell to others.

   Afterwards such cases are detected, fan club membership is deprived.
II. If you wish to receive items and goods like fanclub card overseas, the shipping fee will be added. We are not responsible for the problems such as

    missing shipment due to wrong address and contact number written on fanclub membership application form.
III. Fanclub membership card and official goods are delivered all at once in principle, and they are delivered to the address written on fanclub application form.

    If they need to be resent, you have to pay for the shipment fee addtionally.